Cheek to Chic

Cheek to Chic… celebrating Noel and Cole Starring Hilary Henshaw with special guest Peter Hurley

This is one swellegant, elegant…marvellous party you won't want to miss!

Noel Coward and Cole Poter's witty words and musical gems sparkle with fresh interpretation from the creative collaboration ofde-lovely Hilary Henshaw and de-very versatile Peter Hurley. This original production combines Noel and Cole's magnificent melodies, stylish scenarios and irreverent humour with intriguing insights into their parallel careers and colourful lives.



Timeless favourites, including "I'll See You Again", "A Room With A View" and, of course, "Mrs Worthington" from Noel and "Let's Do It", "Wunderbar" and "Night and Day" from Cole, as well as some lesser-known delightful surprises, are performed with panache, pizzaz and pathos. Noel and Cole's unique genius is as irresistible to audiences today as it was when their work first delighted an adoring public from the 1920's onwards.

Hilary Henshaw's almost life-time professional career has involved performing with many of Australia's major theatrical organisations including Opera, Operetta and Musical Theatre productions, as well as on television and in the recording studio. Peter Hurley's varied career has included working with the A.B.C., Sate Orchestra or Victoria and performing his own show at The Melbourne Comedy Festival.